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(12 Likes) Why aren’t there so many love dolls on Amazon?

, the new open store can not sell dolls. 2. About shipping, most Amazon customers like fast shipping, but the love dolls are customized, so it’s hard to stock up. 3. Feedback, love dolls need a long time to produce, because it is done really carefully, and most sellers do dropshipping, that means they don’t check the doll by themselves, all dolls are shipped directly from factory. we are seller of love dolls for 4 years, we found a lot of problems for dolls when the doll came to our office, dollar car rental dallas love such as skin color, different size doll, wrong head or some broken during short time shipping, so it will be easy to get negative feedback if seller choose Amazon. All of our dolls are checked by us, maybe shipping time is not fast and pri

(48 Likes) Would you buy a silicone doll?

There are several different reasons why someone might get a sex doll. Some of these reasons are: ● Having a high sex drive but no partner ● Addicted to sex or porn but no partner ● Looking for a friend ● Being sexually adventurous ● Wanting to feel different feelings ● Wanting to increase play times ● Sex doll or Having a doll fetish A sex doll can be a great addition for any of the above reasons and more. In fact, many men claim that having sex with a sex doll sometimes feels better than the real thing. Pros of Getting a Sex Doll Now is the perfect time to talk about the pros and cons of getting a sex doll. Not only because of the aforementioned, but also as a way to open a dialogue and dispel the negative feelings surrounding this type of sex toy for men. So, what are the pros of getting a sex doll? ● When you buy a sex doll, you cannot transmit or spread sexually transmitted diseases ● When you buy a sex doll, you cannot get (someone) pregnant ● When you buy a sex doll, you do not need to use a condom ● When you buy a sex doll, you get the real feeling of a woman ● When you buy a sex doll, you can you can enjoy physical fun ● When you buy a sex doll, you don’t have to deal with emotional problems ● When you buy a sex doll, you can have your own special kind of friend ● When you buy a sex doll, you can customize the doll to look exactly like the woman of your dreams ● When you buy a sex doll, the toy being a baby virgin is a turning point for many ● When you get a sex doll, you can fulfill your wildest fantasies ● When you get a sex doll, you can perfect your techniques ● When you get a sex doll, you can practice yourself. However, we would like to point out that owning a sex doll is definitely a buyer-specific thing. We recommend that you do your research and purchase the sex doll that fits your needs and preferences. But no matter which sex doll you choose,

(44 Likes) My fiancee has a sex doll. He is very serious about it, but plans to get rid of her after marriage. Should I be worried? Attentive and polite vs. We are Muslims so no premarital sex.

I will commend you both for avoiding premarital sex. As you become his bride, he will forget about his doll and form a wonderful marital relationship with you. The use of sex dolls is incomprehensible in Islam. I will suggest that you get married as soon as possible and start major marital sexual relations.

(56 Likes) Are dolls made to teach girls how to deal with real dolls at an older age?

Young children love to imitate their parents. This teaches them to do certain things when they get old. Even children who are not around parents who have babies know they were once babies and that is why many want to play with dolls. After toy companies caught this fact, they started making a Real Doll doll.

(53 Likes) What’s the saddest thing you’ve seen?

and a roll of film on the counter in front of me. Inside the plastic bag was a small black camera. The camera was badly broken. “We have a roll of film on this camera that we need to remove and develop if possible. Is this something you can help with?” I was about 19 at the time, working in a photo shop in a mall in rural Southwest Virginia, just on the edge of the Appalachian mountains. “We need to develop this movie as soon as possible. And we don’t know how to get that off camera without ruining the movie.” The film was stuck in the middle of the roll because the camera was broken. If the camera was working, the film could be re-rolled and protected from light when the back cover of the camera was opened. If they opened the camera to eject the film as it was, any pictures taken would immediately deteriorate when the undeveloped film was exposed to light. We had a little black box to use for exactly this kind of situation. The box was sealed so that no light could enter. I could put the broken camera inside the sealed box, reach my hands through an opening on either side of the box, put my hands in the black gloves fitted inside, and open the camera to remove the film without any light damaging it. was developed. I told him I could help him. No problem. “Did you hear about the plane crash this afternoon? We recovered the camera from the crash site. We don’t know what’s in the camera roll. Is it okay to develop these pictures for us?” I’m sure there are those who would say ‘no’ to this question. I wasn’t one of those people. Of course I would help. And I was wondering what was in the camera roll. “Can you develop this other camera roll as well? These are the photos we took at the crash site. They’re pretty scary though. Photographs of the accident before the bodies were taken to the morgue. And there are some pictures from the morgue too. It’s really okay if you choose not to develop these, but we think it wouldn’t hurt to ask.” I hadn’t seen the news because I had been working all day. Just a few miles from the store where I work, a small private plane crashed. It was not uncommon for such plane crashes to occur. It wasn’t easy for small planes to get in and out of the Appalachian mountains. Since the photographic equipment at the police station was not working, they would have to drive over an hour to the nearest photography shop if we could not help them. Or wait weeks for them to get their equipment fixed. I said I would help him. No problem. My colleague also offered to help. He took the camera out of the plastic bag to begin work on removing the roll of film, while I took the second roll to start developing the photos from the accident scene. The pictures came one by one, each more terrifying than the last. The plane crashed into the middle of the forest, skimming through the trees before hitting the ground. Aircraft parts were everywhere. Little was left of the plane itself. Each of the four men on board had pictures of their bodies. Their bodies were large, covered with blood. I could see his limbs severed and lying on the ground far from where the bodies were found. The bodies of the men were cut into pieces, just like the plane. It was surreal. I double-checked the equipment settings while the images were being developed, but couldn’t look at them all as I went through the machine. The last time I checked to see how close the roll was to the end, I saw that the last image on the roll had arrived. It was a picture of one of the corpses lying on a table in the morgue. I suddenly wanted to see everything I had just seen. But it’s too late. As I handed the envelope to the police officer, my colleague handed me the second roll he was able to pull out of the broken camera. As I was developing the movie from the camera, I found that there were only four photos taken on that camera roll. The first two were pictures of four men standing next to their plane. Fishing gear in hand, big cheerful smiles on their faces, tangled arms for a group photo before they go fishing for the weekend. All four looked to be in their mid to late 50s. The third was a photograph of two men in the back seat taken on the plane by a man in the front seat. As the plane began to crash, one of the men took a picture of the control panel before it crashed. He must have taken the photo knowing that the camera might have survived the crash and would be a small indication of what went wrong. A little proof to help explain to loved ones what’s going on. I thought about those guys for months. I wonder how long they’ve known each other. How many fish did they go out together? What did they say to each other when they found out the plane was going to crash? Were they at peace with their lives before it all ended so abruptly? That was over 15 years ago and as I write this I still see each of those pictures very vividly in my mind. Those last four photos were the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. I still remember the smiles on their faces. These photos brought so much joy as they show a group of close friends excited to spend the weekend together doing something they love. But they never reached their destination and never got back home. I found myself constantly thinking about those men and the story that was etched into my mind from the pictures I saw. I didn’t know them. But I